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About Brook's Delectable Chocolates

Brook was born in California and lived all over the United States before moving to Canada. Before she was incarnated as "the chocolate lady," she studied music at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, then went on to graduate school at the Institute of Child Study, U of T. She taught primary grades and music for the Toronto Board of Education before homeschooling her own two children. She is a triathlete, avid gardener, yoga enthusiast, woodworker, and environmentalist.

Established in 1993, Brook's Delectable Chocolates began as a family business in the Toronto area (Stouffville Ontario, to be exact) whose goal was to make a truly extravagant gourmet chocolate almond brittle. Thick, imported milk chocolate, generously laced with sweet, roasted whole almonds, surrounding a butter brittle centre--it is a confection of extremes, supporting the premise that if you are going to eat sweets, make it worth your while. Eat extravagantly!

The chocolate almond brittle recipe combines only five ingredients: milk chocolate, almonds, butter, sugar, and maple syrup. There are no additives or fillers. Sugar, a natural preservative, extends the shelf life of the candy to six months.

In the spring of 2006, responding to increased interest in heart-healthy dark chocolate, Brook introduced a dark chocolate version of her confection. Still made with only five ingredients, this is the original recipe but uses dark chocolate imported from France rather than imported milk chocolate. The new product is available by request.

The basic recipe has remained constant over the years, but the scale of production has increased dramatically. It continues to be a cottage industry, and Brook is still the only cook, employing seasonal help to weigh and package through Christmas and Easter.

Environmental issues are of primary concern, so there is a minimum amount of packaging: it is available in a variety of sizes in polypropylene bags (with a sealed inner bag), or in two weights presented in a recycled corrugated cardboard box (lined with red tissue paper and tied with a grosgrain ribbon).

Brook's chocolate almond brittle is endorsed and adored by Derome Award winner James Wigmore and former Concertmaster Steven Staryk, of The Royal Philharmonic Symphony, The Chicago Symphony, and the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

The confection is now available with classic milk chocolate or with dark chocolate.

Her chocolate almond brittle makes an ideal gift for any special occasion - christmas, weddings, anniversary, birthday - and even as corporate gift baskets.

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